Starting my journey: Intro to Deep Learning in 6 weeks


DISCLAIMER: Anyone passionate enough for this topic will scrap the internet for resources, the ones I linked in the article are a great layout and high level overview. However, to get the full idea you must do your own research!

The last couple days have simply been a blur… I have embarked on my journey to deep learn deep learning. The amount of information in this realm is simply insane! Now, after a good amount of research, the structure and curriculum for my journey will be based off the best explained, no nonsense educator I have found in this subject: Siraj Raval.

Two of the most useful links I can give you as someone that want’s an introduction to Deep Learning (make sure to go through all relevant videos of 3Blue1Brown to get a solid mathematical base):


3blue1brown, by Grant Sanderson, is some combination of math and entertainment, depending on your disposition. The goal…

3Blue1Brown is simply the best person to explain mathematical concepts I have ever encountered. Many of the concepts from my undergrad in Applied Mathematics did not fully click until I viewed the Essence Linear Algebraseries produced by Grant Sanderson. His visual explanations in terms of the Geometric understanding of concepts is unmatched. Again, make sure to look through these videos if you take away anything from this article.


llSourcell (Siraj Raval)
llSourcell has 325 repositories available. Follow their code on

The Github channel ||Source|| is where the actual structure for the 6 week intro to Deep Learning resides. This curriculum implies that you do your own research on topics you are not familiar with.


Let’s Start:

Following the 6 week structure might be a bit cumbersome to some that do not have a background in mathematics. If you are interested in Deep Learning but lack in that area, my number one recommendation is going to this channel: Essence Linear Algebra and further exploring the other channels the 3Blue1Brown has done to get a great introduction to Mathematical concepts in the scope of Deep Learning. That combined with the Week 1 Deep Learning curriculum should be a good starting point for anyone to begin the journey. I myself have been frantically watching all the videos from Siraj Raval’s Youtube Channel and have been inspired to put together an outlining Trello board that anyone is welcome to use/contribute to it.

Link to Deep Learning Project Trello Board

Organize anything, together. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance…

For those not familiar with Trello, it is a free and simple to use web based Project Management Application. I will be using this to track my progress, and have created some simple user stories that outline some of the workflow for implementing the Deep Learning Models that I will be examining. Most of these have been implemented or adapted from scouring the Youtube channel of as you may have guessed Siraj Raval, combined with the introduction projects on tensorflow’s website.

Link to TensorFlow starter projects:

TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning library for research and production. TensorFlow offers APIs for beginners…

Anyone completing the Trello board should have a good introduction to Deep Learning concepts and the different types of Neural Networks that are the most popular in the wild.

Instructions to install TenserFlow can be located here. Simply pick your operating system and follow the prompts. The caveat here is that you will be using Python, so if you do not know Python or feel a bit rusty, I recommend going here for a quick review. The free CodeAcademy intro is more than enough to get you on your feet.

Follow my journey here:



I encourage everyone that is interested in an intro to Deep Learning follow along and create their own journey!



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